Tolga Sel

Technologies wie work with:

– Embedded Systems: C/C++, Linux, etc.

– Web technologies: JavaScript, NodeJS, Vue.JS, Android Studio, Swift, Kotlin, etc.

– AWS, Azure, Container, Virtualization, Microservices, etc.

  • PCB-Design in Germany
    The PCB industry in Germany is a lucrative market for freelancers from Turkey. There are numerous companies that use freelancers and also the opportunity to establish yourself as a self-employed PCB designer or fabricator. The PCB industry plays an important role in many industries, including automotive, aerospace, medical, energy, …
  • Embedded Systems in Germany
    In Germany, the programming of embedded systems is becoming increasingly important, as these systems are used in many areas of daily life. From the control of household appliances to the monitoring of industrial plants, embedded systems are being used more and more. One of the most common programming languages …
  • Autonomous Vehicles, JavaScript and NodeJS – Germany
    In recent years, the autonomous vehicle industry in Germany has developed rapidly. More and more companies are turning to autonomous driving to improve the mobility of people and goods while increasing road safety. One of the most important technologies used in the autonomous vehicle industry is Javascript. This programming …